DEACONS’ MINISTRY: To help sustain church growth, preserve the unity of the church, through benevolence to support the members in their spiritual, emotional and physical needs, and to assist the pastors in leading the church to accomplish its mission for the glory of God.

HEALTH MINISTRY: To assist the church body by providing education programs and activities for obtaining and maintaining optimal health, promoting healthy choices that reflect a living faith for the glory of God.

INFORMATION RESOURCE MINISTRY: To maintain all computer equipment and software, teach classes on the basic use of the personal computer, provide training on the Microsoft Office products.

KITCHEN AND FOOD SERVICES: To prepare and serve food to members and people in community in support of the church outreach ministries of mercy and compassion to the glory of God.

MEDIA MINISTRY: To support the ministry of the Word by making sermons and Bible teaching available on tape, CDs, DVD and on radio and television for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to all ends of the earth.

PASTORAL SUPPORT MINISTRY: To support and uplift our under-shepherd and his family – support to include spiritual, moral, financial, and emotional and to in Sunday services, baptisms, and other special activities.

SAFETY/ PARKING MINISTRY: To provide parking and safety service to the members and visitors of FNEBC when we have services and/or other programs and activities.

TOUCH OF GRACE MINISTRY: To enhance the interior of the church building by keeping it decorated according to the seasons of the year, church calendar and ongoing activities and programs in order to create an inviting and warm atmosphere for people to worship God and have a sense of belonging.

TRANSPORTATION MINISTRY: To support the church ministries by transporting people during different ministry programs and activities as needed.

TRUSTEES’ MINISTRY: To support the Stewardship and operation of the Church by overseeing the allocation and distribution of the Church resources for the glory of God.

USHERS’ (ADULTS/JUNIOR) MINISTRY: To greet, welcome and assist members and visitors at FNEBC, during worship services and special activities.

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